Aquabright Autowash ESP

PROMATE AquaBright uses the principle of electrostatic precipitation in the air by separating the micro-scale smoke, soot, grease, and dust particles. It is an electrostatic filter system that can automatically clean both the air and itself.

As a result of a long R & D process, it was presented to the market with many advantages.

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AQB-25 AUTOWASH 2.500 m³/h
AQB-50 AUTOWASH 5.000m³/h
AQB-75 AUTOWASH 7.500m³/h
AQB-2X50 A.WASH 10.000 m³/h
AQB-2X75 A.WASH 15.000 m³/h
AQB/WU 125

Self Cleaning Electrostatic Filter


The PROMATE AQB electrostatic filter meets the need for quality clean air and with its developed self-cleaning feature. It has a unique structure. The air-cleaning performance is stable and sustainable, as the filter pollution level is constantly kept under control.


With the PROMATE AQB series auto-wash electrostatic filter system, microparticles that form grease vapor and smoke are collected on aluminum plates. In case of contamination, there is no need to remove the filter cell. The pre-automated cleaning program steps in at specified periods and starts cleaning and drying the blades thus making them ready to work again.

The collector plates have been developed and have the highest surface area on the market.

In the measurements made according to the ISO 16890 standard, the rates of ePM1 – 96.65%, ePM2.5 – 96.90% and ePM10 – 97.69% have been reached, which is the highest value offered to the market in ESP products.

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Electrostatic filtration

Alize Engineering offers the ARC series electrostatic filters it has developed to the market. Stationary duct type electrostatic filters gather smoke and grease by using electrostatic precipitation principle thus preventing emissions such as smoke, grease and odor released from kitchen exhaust.

In electrostatic acceleration method, the air is washed by extracting through a fan and brought in a washable metal pre-filter, and to do so, it is purified from big particles (optional).

Particles of 0.3 micron (1 micron = 1/1.000 mm) are passed through a very strong electric power area (the section where they are ionized). Particles are loaded with positive electric charge in this area. Positively charged particles are passed through a collector surface arrayed in parallel at equal intervals. These surfaces are charged positively and negatively, respectively. While positively-charged surfaces repel these particles, negatively charged surfaces attract and collect these particles.

The particles adhered to filter are cleaned at certain intervals and the filter is refitted into its housing. Accumulated oil is discharged from the oil drainage taps on the device (optional)

Polluted and greasy air is released into the atmosphere just through a chimney shaft for other conventional solutions and filter material increases the cost for the areas equipped with dust bag filter and unpleasant odors cannot efficiently be prevented in closed circuit water system.

Areas of Use
  • Restaurants
  • Cafeterias
  • Hotels
  • Buffets
  • Catering Service Providers
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Outdoor Barbecues
Fire Prevention System

Promate ARC Devices are equipped with a HT transformer (a high voltage transformer) whose automatic stop function is activated in case of short-circuit and arching, thus preventing the ignition of accumulated oil on the surfaces. It also prevents the possible ignition of grease and soot accumulated in duct and device, and provides your company with an extra fire prevention feature.

Contributions of ARC Devices to Your Company

This device not only offers ingenious solution in small or large scale locations, but also provides remarkable features for cleaning and protection of environment. It is unique not only for being suitable for the locations and kitchens with limited space, but also for meeting the necessity of clean air that show increase in parallel with the development of the environment consciousness. 

Our device is able to operate properly in different locations and places ranging from the cafeterias and restaurants located in streets to industrial kitchens. Thanks to the space-oriented solutions and environment friendly structure of the device, it is increasingly preferred by the consumers.

ARC series air cleaning devices designed by Alize engineering remove cooking fume, smoke, hazardous substances, dust and soot effectively from the places where it is not possible to install chimney shaft and kitchen facilities. For this reason, it removes the necessity of the installation of conventional type kitchen hoods in small or large places.

  • Prevents the extraction of polluted, greasy, sooth and odorous air out of your chimney shaft.
  • Reduces your consumables costs to minimum level.
  • Prevents grease accumulation within the ducts. It minimizes the fire risk.
  • Any possible arcing and short-circuit that may occur in the device are prevented by HT transformer.
  • Clean workplace improves your image.
  • Prolongs the expected life of your Fans and Filters.
  • Optional installation models allow air cleaning rate up to 99%.

Forever filter system lowers the cost of filter consumables. When “forever filter” is filled up or at the time of periodical cleaning, you can easily remove it from the sliding segment and rinse out. After being dried, it may be re-installed.