Fire Solutions

As Alize Kitchen Ventilation Systems, we have prevented the accumulation of disposed grease in industrial kitchens by collecting them in a collecting cell. This, even by itself removes the cause of the many fires that may have occur. However, we have developed 2 more new technology by not settling with that result.

The first of these is automatic fire alarm systems. In this system, a sensor installed in the channel detects the temperature changes and stops the working fan. Therefore, the progression of fire by the vacuum created by the aspirator is halted. If the electrostatic filter and carbon filter is used, the fire is blocked to some extent to reach them.

The second technology would be our new fire damper system which we have developed that can be closed in milliseconds and allows the entire system to close in 0,1 second. In traditional fire dampers, the shutdown of the system is achieved by the increase in temperature of the metal component holding the damper spring in about 10 seconds. In our system however, this fire warning system switches on and the damper closes instantly and stops the aspirator at the same time.