While renewing and expanding our product and service range, it is one of our basic principles that the solutions we create are economical and long-lasting, and that the customer satisfaction achieved as a result is kept at the highest level.

With the advancement of technology, special analysis programs have been developed in order to produce solutions for the problems encountered in the ventilation sector. With this new investment in 2015, air flow analyzes related to the mechanics of constraints can now be detected as many problems in our company by virtual sonar, and they can be obtained erroneously. 

One of the biggest problems we encounter in the sector we are in is that the general quality has not yet reached the desired levels due to the fact that air purification in industrial kitchens is very new and some companies that see opportunities and enter the sector do not have sufficient knowledge, equipment and solution methods.

We know that by researching sectoral practices around the world, examining standards and methods, following technology closely, conducting R&D studies for the problems encountered, and internalizing all these issues, transferring them to a solution and trying to do this, we know that these problems can be reduced and contribute to increasing satisfaction and quality, and we are moving forward on this difficult path.