Since all our customers may have different and unique needs, we evaluate each of our customers individually in our work, and make the project design and system selection accordingly. At these stages, we create holistic solutions by studying issues such as energy saving, ensuring air balance in the kitchen, and fire risk while making detailed exploration and problem-oriented projecting and device selection.

Mutfak havalandırma sistemleri projelerine dair hizmet ve uygulamalarımız

1. Filtration system applications 

•	Electrostatic filter applications (Oil and smoke control) 
•	Activated carbon filter applications (Odor control) 
•	Plasma filter applications (Odor control) 
•	Ozone applications (Odor control)

2. Energy efficiency optimization practices

•	Air balancing works in the kitchen with make-up air (fresh air) 
        design of the hood
•	Hood selection and optimization
•	Hood exhaust flow optimization (Heat based calculation, low exhaust     
        high efficiency)
•	Heat recovery applications for kitchen exhaust