As Alize Engineering, we believe that it is indispensable for the control system to be error-free in each project that responsibilities should be gathered in one place and authorization should be made accordingly. When responsibilities and authorities are divided, the integrity is broken and the desired fruitful result cannot be achieved. For this reason, the controls to be made in order to create an efficient project process are listed below;

1. Pre-Project Control

  • Project overview, layout control of exhaust and fresh air plants, filter placements, determination of the principles of exhaust – fresh air – smoke air ducts.
  • Predicting the highest – lowest flow rates that restaurants will adhere to
  • Determining the filter capacity according to the projected flow rates (after the kitchen projects are created, device selections will be made again)
  • Creation of the Technical Specification of the filter system to be used.
  • Preparation of specifications (administrative, technical) covering “legal guarantees”, including the pre-tender process and the service process after commissioning;

2. Post Project Control

  • Flow control and calculation for each kitchen project separately
  • Hood design conformity check
  • Make-up air design and control
  • Making optimum device selections according to the calculated flow rate, type of cooking and type of cooking equipment (electricity, natural gas and coal)