Ozone Generators

Ozone reacts with various organic and inorganic molecules and atoms due to its high reactivity and oxidizes them. As a result of these reactions, sterilization is achieved by neutralizing bacterial and microorganisms in the air. After completing the reaction period, the ozone molecules begin to convert to oxygen. Thanks to this feature, ozone does not leave waste contrary to other disinfectant substances and does not risk the formation of by-products.

AlphOzone 02 2,0 mg/hr
AlphOzone 10 10 g/hr
AlphOzone 20 20 g/hr
AlphOzone 40 40 g/hr
AlphOzone 80 80 g/hr
PlasmaTube Mobile 10 g/hr
PlasmaTube Bag Type 10 g/hr
PlasmaTube Channel Type 10 g/hr