ALLBRIGHT Industrial Electrostatic Filter Cleaning Solution
During the process of air cleaning by means of electrostatic filters, fume and grease accumulate on collector surfaces. Therefore, they should be washed, and removed from the residues in order to continue to operate in an efficient way. Allbright industrial electrostatic filter cleaning solution has been prepared in line with this purpose.

Our product is diluted with water up to the ratio of 1:25 and applied by spraying, dipping, brushing, and wiping methods. It should be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of pressurized water following the penetration time for several minutes. It can be safely used for removal the accumulated grease from industrial type electrostatic filters. It is not recommended to use on anodized aluminum, polished surfaces and color aluminum materials. The product may become darker depending on long term storage process but it does not have any adverse effect on the performance of the product. Waiting time should not last longer than 10 minutes for the dipping applications.

Fields of Application
Electronic Air Cleaners
Air conditioning coils
Final filters

Safety Instructions
You must read usage directions. Do not use for hand, face and body cleaning. Do not mix with other chemicals. Keep away from children.