Allbright Powder 5

ALLBRIGHT POWDER Industrial Electrostatic Filter Cleaning Powder

While the air is being cleaned by electrostatic filtration, smoke and grease accumulate on the collecting surfaces, and these collecting surfaces must be washed periodically to get rid of those residues in order to continue working effectively. Allbright industrial electrostatic filter cleaning powder has been prepared for exactly this purpose.

It is a highly alkaline powder product that does not contain acidic compounds and cleans all kinds of burnt and blackened grease from the surface. After use, it clears the surface of stains and polishes it. It provides a perfect cleaning without the need for long rubbing and effort. It does not emit smoke during the application, does not cause a bad smell, and does not leave any residue. It is suitable for use on sensitive surfaces such as iron, brass, aluminum alloys, and copper. It does not cause corrosion on the cleaned surfaces.

Usage Areas and Features:

It can be used in the cleaning of pre/post filter, ionizer, and collector parts of electrostatic filter systems that collect grease and smoke in industrial kitchens.

It is used in the cleaning of equipment with burnt greases such as grill grates, oven trays, and hood filters in boiling pots.

It can be used in hot degreasing machines and dipping systems in the industry.

Appearance: White, powder

pH Value: 10-12

Solubility: Water soluble


The product is used by diluting 2-10% with water. Using the product with hot water accelerates dissolution and increases performance. The parts to be cleaned with the prepared solution can be cleaned by methods such as dipping, spraying, and wiping. For an effective result in the immersion method, clean the parts and wait for 15-30 minutes. Apply the most appropriate application method to the problematic surface.

Available in retail 5 kg-10 kg and 30 kg pails

Inconvenient Area to Use:

Avoid use for cleaning foodstuffs.


May have toxicological effects.

In case of prolonged contact with the skin, it may cause irritating effects. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of skin and eye contact, wash with plenty of water.

Do not use it for cleaning hands, face, body, and foodstuffs.

Keep away from children.

Do not stack more than 5 pails on top of each other.

Storage Conditions:

It should be kept between 5-30 °C and should be protected from direct sunlight, frost, and extreme heat.