Smoke Solutions

There are 2 important elements existent in the dirty air released from the kitchen hood:

1. Particle cleaning of smoke and oil vapors.

2. Filtration of gas and bad smells.

The smoke that comes out of cooking in the industrial kitchen brings many problems when it is thrown out without being filtered.

The most important of these problems is, decreasing air quality by releasing these pollutants in the surrounding environment. In addition, smoke surrounds the exterior surfaces of buildings, causing the inhabitants of the building detain opening their own windows. With rising awareness of clean air quality, people are raising their voices against these pollutants released to the environment.

The reactions that are taken by the operating businesses, have revealed the necessity of resolving the problem at the source. As Alize Kitchen Ventilation Systems, we have been operating in this field since 2008. With over 1.500 references concluded across Turkey, we are the most known solution partner of our sector.

With our system, we have managed to control the odor, smoke and oil particles that have been thrown out of our hotels and reduce the smoke out of the running and the newly opened ones by 100% and the smell by 99%.