Estimation Report

Kitchen exhaust gas treatment is different from industrial flue gas treatment. Since the chemical properties of waste materials in industrial exhaust are certain, solutions are produced accordingly. In addition, there are many fixed values that can be taken into account when constructing the system. However, there can be no such thing as “standard waste” in kitchen exhaust. The food cooked and the way of cooking (electricity, gas, coal, etc.) differ, and the quality of the material used is not the same. Therefore, the exhaust treatment project of each kitchen differs, and the filter selections to be used also change. Each kitchen is explored, designed and reported separately, and the filter and capacity selections to be used vary according to these explorations and reports.

Flow Calculation

Since there is no standard in the calculation method when calculating the flow rate in kitchens, the results also differ among engineering companies. One of the many points taken into consideration when choosing a filter is the flow rate. A filter selection is made in return for the calculated flow value. If the flow calculation is wrong, it is inevitable that the filter to be selected will also be wrong. Another factor that will affect the filter to be selected after the calculation is made is the ratio of the filter capacity to the exhaust flow rate. Even if the exhaust flow rate is calculated correctly, the required filter may not be selected. In our exploration and reporting, all flow calculations are made according to ASHRAE standards, and 700 successful projects have been signed with the exploration, project design and reporting we have done so far.