As Alize Kitchen Ventilation Systems, we have been presenting our experience to the sector by combining our experience with customer satisfaction with around 1,500 projects that we have successfully completed since 2008. Our company, which started to work with the aim of purifying grease and smoke, especially with the developing needs over time; with the solution packages developed on odor, fire risk, energy saving and fire precautions, it continues on its way with the understanding of service to the whole sector, service to the country, and service to people.

Application Errors

Considering the kitchen ventilation studies, projecting and application errors are frequently encountered. Many separate points, from air flow calculation to hood design, make-up air applications to filter system selection and applications, cause material and moral damages if they are not combined with the engineering discipline in the presence of relevant regulations and standards.

Wrong Choices Have No Return!

In many projects, there is a misconception that all problems can be solved with filter equipment, far from the above-mentioned issues regarding filtering systems and in-kitchen applications. Especially in the purchasing process, such situations are frequently experienced and there are problems in applications and there is often no opportunity to return.

Alize Kitchen Ventilation Systems offers you new ideas and solutions with its consultancy services on process management, specification creation, design, implementation and operation.