Our Vision

As Alize Mühendislik, our aim has been to establish a trusted market presence based upon environment, people and solution-oriented products since our foundation in 2001.

All of the products that we deal and distribute in the market, such as Euromate Electrostatic Filters, offer a high level of quality and solutions for our distinguished customers.

We create our product portfolio elaborately and based upon different parameters, such as high energy efficiency, advanced technology, user-friendliness and elegant design, high-level sensitivity to environmental and visual pollution, the short and long-term interests of our customers, and creative ideas and innovations, as well as optimized efficiency of the price/quality correlation.

Our first mission is to stay updated by building knowledge-based bridges with our local and international partners, to offer new solutions to our customers and to be a preferred solution partner by virtue of experience and knowledge thus gained.

Our aim is to make the Euromate brand a symbol of quality and trust in our market by offering world-class products and services to our customers, project architects, companies and investors along with a high level of environmental consciousness.