Grease Solutions

There are 2 important elements existent in the dirty air released from the kitchen hood:

1. Particle cleaning of smoke and oil vapors.

2. Filtration of gas and bad smells.

The normal kitchen hoods are connected to the aspirator with a duct. The aspirator draws dirty air and oil mist from the duct and release them into the atmosphere. With no filtration in the system, even though much of it discharged from the aspirator to the air, some of it accumulates in duct length and if maintenance is not carried for a long time, system becomes clogged and very liable to fire.

The electrostatic filter system which we use in our kitchen ventilation system is trapped in the oil and prevents the greasing of the duct after electrostatic filtration. This oil, which accumulates in the collecting cell, reduces the risks of fire to a minimum because it is cleaned at certain intervals.