Smoke, heat, oil and smell coming out of industrial kitchens have started to become a problem that needs to be solved, especially in city centers, with the awareness of fresh air quality in our country.

The reactions have revealed the necessity of resolving the problem at the source of the business. As Alize Kitchen Ventilation Systems, we have been operating in this field since 2008. With over 500 references concluded across Turkey, we are the most known solution partner of our sector.

During this time, we have continuously developed the technology with our research and development activities. In addition to the use of electrostatic filters, activated carbon filters, we are also striving to bring the air out of our operations to a level that to a least uncomfortable level to the environment, with the use of fire protection systems, fire dampers, plasma filtration technology, user friendly panels.

Henceforth, whether it is a Mall restaurant, hotel restaurant, or single restaurant kitchen, we will continue to work with business owners and project contractors on a solution partner basis.