Used Guardex Liquid Chemistry

  • Potassium salts based
  • Low pH value

Guardex – F class extinguishing fluid with high extinguishing power against liquid and solid cooking oils supports our hood extinguishing systems.

Guardex – Class F sprinkling fluid storage agent cylinders:

  • Continuous pressure (6 lt, 9.5 lt, 14.5 lt, 18 lt)
  • Outer cartridge with high agent capacity (25 lt, 50 lt)

Offering a wide range of products with 6 different system options.

Decisive Differences

Engineering calculations are made, approved and proven systems

Providing an economical solution with the minimum number of agent tanks in every need with system option in six different capacities with continuous pressure or high capacity cartridges

Easy installation with aesthetic appearance equipment

Economical easy cleaning, maintenance and refilling possibility

User friendly and environmentalist

Compliant with the requirements of the UL-300 / NFPA 17A / NFPA 96 standards and compliant with the “Pressure Equipment Directive”

System Equipment

Agent tank and system valve

  • Extinguishing agent
  • Manual trigger unit
  • Detection line
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Discharge nozzles
  • Line end adapter and pressure indicator
  • Gas cut-off solenoid valve (optional)

After installation of the system and installation of fasteners; System design, installation, filling and maintenance guide are provided.

Equipment to be protected

  • Chimney / Shaft
  • Hood
  • Filter
  • Grills working with wood, charcoal, gas or electricity
  • Tilting pots
  • Cooking ovens, boilers
  • Fryers

Areas of Application

  • Hotels
  • Cafeterias
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Airports

and commercial kitchens of similar facilities are ideal areas for the use of hood extinguishing systems.