About Ozone Generators

Ozone Generator Definition

AlphOzone is a device that cleans the air with ozone, enriches the oxygen in the current environment and destroys existing airborne pathogens.

The AlphOzone ozone generator, produces 5 g/h ozone gas (O3) at 120 watts of power without the need for additional consumables. Being modular, the system can’t be completely stooped and easy and fast to maintain.

The AlphOzone ozone generator converts the 21% oxygen in the ambient air by splitting it at 12,000 Hz using the corona current method. When free oxygen atoms are met with molecular oxygen, an extremely unstable ozone molecule is formed.

Ozone gas (O3) is the most powerful disinfector that can be produced in the world. Collapses the cell wall of the bacteria that causes the odor and causes it to disappear. It is known that 99.99% of known bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, germs and fungi in the world are destroyed. It provides 52 times more powerful disinfection and 3125 times faster than chlorine.

The amount of ozone to be applied to the exit of the odor source varies according to the load of the exhaust. The ozone gas injected into the chimney provides the purification of the chimney smell.

Ozone reacts with various organic and inorganic molecules and atoms due to its high reactivity and oxidizes them. As a result of these reactions sterilization is achieved by neutralizing bacterial and microorganisms in the air. After completing the reaction period, the ozone molecules (O3) begin to convert to oxygen. Thanks to this feature, ozone does not leave waste contrary to other disinfectant substances and does not risk the formation of by-products.

As a result of ozone studies, ozone is a strong oxidant in the air;

  • Micro breaker,
  • Deodorizer,
  • It has been proven that it can be used to destruct many organic molecules that pollute the environment.
Areas of Use

Ozone (O3) has a destructive effect for all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds. For this reason, it sterilizes the air of the environment where people are busy, such as restaurants, cinemas, hotels and passenger transports, and helps prevent airborne diseases.

AlphOzone cleans the ambient air and eliminates food smells, cigarette smoke and smell in work places, bars, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, wherever people are.

Restaurants & Fast-Foods

In Industrial Kitchens

Chimney Smell Treatment Systems

Food Sector

In Environmental Ventilation Systems

Method of Application

Because the device size is small and compact, it can be easily applied to kitchen ventilation ducts. It is compatible with all ventilation ducts with ease of installation.

AlphOzone does not cause pressure loss in the system, it facilitates the selection of suitable and low cost fan, there is no limit in the temperature limit of the gas passing through the duct.