Risk of Fire

Risk in Industrial Kitchens ………. Fire

In areas such as restaurants, hotels, and food factories, the most feared danger of commercial kitchens is the fires that spontaneously ignite at 360 ° C. In commercial kitchens, the areas that need to be protected against potential fire hazards are in the hood, filters, fryer and cooking units. Solid and liquid cooking oils that accumulate in this unit and kitchen equipment, oil particles that eventually interact with the hot flames start to burn quickly.

The fires that are caused by hot grease residue should be dealt in a special way like every different type of fire. Incorrect intervention on the burning surface may cause the fire to grow uncontrollably by splashing the burning hot oil particles onto other equipment, materials, and personnel. All commercial kitchen equipment in cafés, restaurants, catering companies, hotel kitchens, kitchen areas on the dining floors of shopping centers must be protected by special systems due to the above reasons. This product has been developed for use in industrial kitchens, based on our expertise in fire extinguishing systems with Turkish-Italian partnership. We provide services to many companies in Turkey and the world with fire extinguishing systems in engineering kitchens with aesthetically pleasing equipment and easy installation and engineering calculations that meet UL 300 / NFPA 17A / NFPA 96 requirements.