Plasma Filter Operating Principle

The new product from Alize Engineering’s exhaust filter system, the duct-type plasma filters, is a high-tech, air-sterilizing product designed to remove virtually all of the cooking smells that occur during cooking in industrial kitchens.

The high-purged air from the oil pan and the duct is subjected to a series of reactions as it passes through the plasma filter. Ozone (O3), positive ions formed in the plasma filter, oxidize odorous organic gases and vapors and destroy them by molecular reaction. Plasma-generated ozone (O3) destroys the smell in 0.5 seconds and is able to destroy odor molecules very quickly.

Odor elimination with ozone (O3) gas is defined in odor elimination techniques in order to reduce odor emissions at Annex-1 A 8,5.

The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning of the Republic of Turkey has a legal limit of 1,000 OU (odor unit9 for waste odor.

The tests which we done at Dokuz Eylul University, which is an independent institution, prove that we can reduce the waste smell to 60-100 OU (odor unit).