Hood Fire Extinguishers

The automatic hood fire extinguishers which are presented are tested, proven with engineering calculations to protect the hoods with chimney and / or filter applied.

They are also systems that can be activated by manual hand control when required.

The specially manufactured heat and flame-sensitive line type sensors provides fire detection of the system, is easily applied with the advantage of flexible installation.

The system is activated with high temperature and or flame detection of the sensor. When touched by the flames a small outbreak occurs on the line.

The system valve opens and the Guardex fluid in the agent cylinder flows into the discharge pipes.

The system is then switched on and the system valve located on the agent tank is triggered and the system discharges onto the cooking equipment by means of the discharge pipes and suppresses the fire. The Guardex extinguishing fluid used for extinguishing is a low-pH fire extinguishing agent based on potassium salts.

Guardex F – class fire extinguishing chemical liquid, which is emptied on equipment with specially designed fire – fighting nozzles, extinguishes the fire in a short time. When the system is switched on, the layer formed by the Guardex liquid which is discharged to the burning surface is easily cleaned with water and the system is refilled and replaced by our teams.