Advantages of Plasma Filtration

100% national, developed by our own R&D department, duct type plasma filters are advanced technology devices which are designed to remove almost all of the food smells that occur during cooking in industrial kitchens and at the same time sterilize air.

Efficiency: Organic carbon compounds that emit a small, malodorous microscopic area in the air reaching the plasma unit are destroyed by releasing high-density ozone (O3) into the air at this stage. Thus, a series of chemical reactions take place on these molecules, and the odor filter yield is between 95% and 99%.

Lifetime: If the maintenance is done properly, the active life is 120.000 hours. Plasma filters are long-lasting, no replacement required. It can only be used for many years with regular cleaning.

Energy Consumption: The energy consumption of the plasma filters is very low compared to other systems which claim to destroy the smell of the same amount. The plasma system is an environmentally friendly system.

Operational Cost: The ultimate in technology, this system works reliably and simply, allowing long-term plasma filter tubing to operate for long periods without maintenance, reducing operating costs as much as possible. Compared to other ozone (O3) producing technologies, it is seen that the operating cost is close to zero.