About Scrubber Systems

Scrubber units are an assistant washer units to help remove grease and soot that comes out of the cooking unit. It is a system that helps to clean the oil and soot by cleaning the particles in the air thanks to the high-performance washer nozzles.

The system alone cannot eliminate the smell, smoke or grease. The scrubber filter system, which will be used as a pre-filter and to be installed in the future with electrostatic filtering systems, will help produce the highest efficiency and solution will become an integral part of different models and types of restaurants.

Scrubber filter systems suitable for air flow starting at 2,500 m³ / h and 20,000 m³ / h are washing units that reduce operational costs with the lowest electricity consumption due to very low pressure loss and maximum washing power.

Thanks to spray nozzles with high-efficiency flushing and spraying properties, which are not found in other aquatic system devices, the efficiency and ergonomic structure of the spray nozzles and the addition of drop holders have made it possible to release the air to the fan. It is also a system that is adjusted to provide you with trouble-free service by adding the self-operation feature by its automation system, self-cleaning and waste water evacuation and can also add clean water.

Scrubber filters with a compact structure to suit the needs of municipalities and environmental health departments and use in systems with air volumes of 2,500 – 5,000 – 7,500 – 10,000 – 15,000 and

20,000 m³/ h. It is also possible to add additional nozzles into each model and type.